The main challenge for our customer was the high manual effort for reporting operational performance to Clinical Trial customers. The background to this was a fragmented system landscape which resulted in high manual efforts for data consolidation and analysis. In addition, our client wanted to tap new revenue potentials by offering the Clinical Trial Operational Performance Dashboard as a service

Manual data consolidation

While first level systems for clinical trials are advanced, there was no cross-system integration, i.e. reporting means manual exports out of single systems & consolidation

Desired analyses mean increased manual effort

Once the data is (manually) consolidated the actual analysis still required manual efforts in Excel – repeated with every reporting cycle

Access options do not match the information requirements

Large, inflexible analyses in Microsoft Excel do not allow mobile access e.g. via mobile devices


Development of an automated Clinical Trial Operational Performance Dashboard (incl. mobile access) and automatic data processing.


Avoidance of manual consolidation times in Excel increased productivity of the clinical trial team. Also customer requests were reduced due to the self-service dashboard


Increased reporting quality through dynamic analyses in the Clinical Trial Operational Performance dashboard. Central KPIs are also accessible via mobile devices


Time is saved due to elimination of manual data consolidation and analyses, as well as generation of additional revenue by selling the dashboard as a service