The key challenge during the Corona (COVID-19) pandemic is to create transparency about the spread and global case numbers. This is especially true because the numbers change daily, not all sources are updated and therefore not all data is available in one place.

Limited transparency

Most corona (COVID-19) pandemic sources focus exclusively on case numbers, but not on further analysis such as growth rates, mortality rates, outbreak animation, etc.

The need for information means manual effort

At the time the dashboard was created, there were only a few sources that made it possible to have a global overview of the daily number of cases as well as the historical values

Access options do not match user needs

Most information sources and dashboards offer a detailed overview of the course of the pandemic mostly only in desktop format. On the other hand, most users use mobile devices


The Corona example shows the strengths of our business intelligence solutions with Microsoft Power BI: an intuitive visualization which makes even complex data sets more comprehensible. Developments, interdependencies & key drivers in the data can be easily identified and comprehensively monitored. This enables a data-driven decision-making.

Development of a Corona (COVID-19) dashboard with global daily figures. For this purpose, an automated connection of various global public sources with case numbers and statistics was developed. In addition to the general number of cases, users can call up various analyzes and evaluations. In addition to the extensive desktop version, a mobile access was also developed as part of the business intelligence solution, which allows the current development of the Corona (COVID-19) pandemic to be conveniently called up on the mobile phone at any time.


Eliminate manual research activities through a central Corona (COVID-19) dashboard with global case numbers


Increased information quality through additional evaluations of the number of cases in the Business Intelligence Cockpit, e.g. Death rates, daily growth rates of new cases, etc.


Convenient use of the dashboard with dedicated report formats for both desktop and mobile devices