The central challenge of our customer was a lack of transparency and too many manual consolidation errors due to fragmented systems:

Lack of transparency & comparability

Three main sites with different ERP systems, whose data is not integrated

A lot of manual effort

The monthly data consolidation is done in Excel. Careless errors in the consolidation process lead to additional audit and correction efforts

Lack of relevant control

In the context of manual consolidation, control-relevant details (e.g. margin at a client and product level) must be avoided


Development of a customized Self-Service BI solution with automated data connection and processing to relieve the CFO organization and increase the reporting quality.


Avoidance of manual consolidation times in Excel. Increase the productivity of the CFO organization through self-service Business Intelligence dashboard


Improvement in reporting quality by avoiding manual errors and gaining new control-relevant insights at the product and client level


Insights on a client and product level, improved efficiency of the CFO organization (elimination of manual work), free capacities for the interpretation of results